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January 2017 Traffic And Income Report

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This is my third income and traffic report. If you are here for the income part only, you’d better stop reading now. The income is not a priority for me and this month it is still $0.

The Mission

What is the top priority then? Making money from this site would be great and I hope I will some day. It is not the force that makes me run the site day after day.

Maybe I’m doing it out of curiosity in other people’s affairs? The revenue numbers are all over the homepage. I put them there as a guideline, but they are not the goal. It is totally unimportant to me if Kate has made exactly $1700 or $2100 from her side hustle.

I’m in for the personal stories behind the numbers. Many income reports reveal epic struggles, achievements, and lapses. There are books for each and every aspect of running any kind of business. The results from following (or not following) the rules from those books in practice vary greatly from one entrepreneur to the next. What works for one may not suit the others. That’s what makes the lessons from the income reports important.

It’s a good thing when you help others and get paid for that. When you share your business inner workings you help even more people – your fellow entrepreneurs. This is the exciting part of the income reports – the place where business gets personal.

Posts Schedule

I broke my promise to post once per week. I published two posts last month, and one of them was the previous income report. It seems I cannot handle so much writing for now. I have so many ideas for blog posts but my writing is really slow. Should I hire a freelance writer? For now, I’ll relax my schedule. Let’s see if I can keep up with posting once per two weeks.

Confessions database continues to grow. I’ve added 35 new confession sources to a total of 437 revenue confessions. I’ve also updated 82 income reports with their latest revenue for December.

Twitter Explosion

On the positive side, Twitter did surprise me last month. I had almost 100 followers by the end of the year. The followers’ count was rising at a steady pace, so I was thinking I may reach 200 by the end of January. Well, I reached 292 – quite above target. It seems my regular posting schedule and the strategy to follow back every follower is giving results.

Twitter has always been my favorite social network. Maybe that’s why things are not going that well with Facebook. Maybe I have to read more about FB marketing or take a course. If you recommend me one, I’ll definitely take a look.


This month I made absolutely no effort in promotion and the traffic numbers reflect that. My visitors are half than the previous month. To add insult to injury, I’ve started filtering out my own sessions and spambots. My focus will be on traffic generation in February. I have to leave my comfort zone and start promoting the site actively.

Users: 80
Sessions: 230
Pageviews: 819


E-mail: 3
Twitter: 292
Facebook: 3
RSS: 1


My backlog with tasks and ideas for the site is so long I don’t have time to think about earnings. There is no point in thinking about it anyway with these traffic numbers.

Total: $0


I hired a WordPress guru from Fiverr to make a few tweaks. I’m very satisfied with his work. He managed to fix a lot of issues in just two days – I would spend two weeks for that.

Total: $53.50

Profit for January 2017: $-53.50

I’m back in the red. The site is getting better and all I have to do is getting more people come and see it.