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Many immigrants coming to the United States are not familiar with immigration laws and turn to friends, relatives, translators, or notaries for advice. They often receive incorrect information and, as a result, face serious problems in the future when obtaining residence permits, citizenship, family reunification, end up in deportation proceedings, and receive visa refusals. Mr. Vega has been named one of Houston’s “Top Lawyers” specializing in immigration and nationality law by H Texas magazine, Bayou City Publishing, LLC. According to the magazine, “nominations are received from clients and peers, along with rigorous background checks,” to compile the annual list on

At first glance, many people think that to receive any immigration benefit they just need to fill out a form, attach the necessary copies, and pay money. In fact, it is necessary to know the immigration laws, the immigration history of each client, so as not to harm the advice. The fact that your advisor has lived in the States for many years, speaks good English, or has gone through the same immigration processes does not mean that his advice will not harm you. Before you follow unqualified advice, think about what it might cost you.

The immigration lawyer is responsible for his actions. Incorrect advice may result in an immigration lawyer losing his license and reputation. If an immigration lawyer provided unqualified assistance, you can sue him, open a lost case, or help even someone who has already been deported.

An immigration lawyer follows constantly changing laws and knows the main mistakes that clients make.

Cost of a lawyer

An immigration lawyer does not always charge a lot of money for a consultation. On average, an immigration lawyer charges around one hundred dollars per consultation, and some lawyers offer free consultations. An immigration lawyer knows that many clients have recently arrived in the country and do not have extra money or high-paying jobs. An immigration lawyer can empathize with the client, offer to pay for his services in installments, and in certain cases even take on the case for free.

How much will an immigration lawyer charge for your case?
Different lawyers ask for different amounts of money for the same case. How to figure out how much your business is actually worth? To answer this question, let’s look at what an immigration lawyer does when evaluating a potential client’s case. An important role is played by how busy the immigration lawyer is with other cases, how much work he has to do in the case of a new client, how quickly this work needs to be completed, and how much he usually charges for such cases.

Let’s consider the time factor first. Immigration cases usually last for years, this allows clients to collect the required amount of money, collect the necessary documents, and prepare well. If a client is not in jail and refuses a speedy hearing, the immigration lawyer may charge that client less money for his services. When time is short, you need to quickly prepare for an individual hearing – an immigration lawyer will most likely ask for a large amount, and often refuse to take such a client.

If a lawyer has few clients and needs to pay for office rent and staff salaries, the immigration lawyer may agree to a smaller amount so that the potential client does not go to another office. Much depends on the client’s level of preparation. If a client has worked with a lawyer in the past, has a higher education, can translate documents himself, and answers calls in a timely manner, it is easier and cheaper to work with such a client.

An immigration lawyer helps a large number of clients, deals with similar issues every day and, therefore, knows the limits within which to charge money for a particular matter. Moreover, a new client usually does not come from the street—most new clients are relatives or acquaintances of clients with whom the immigration lawyer has already dealt in the past. Therefore, the same immigration lawyer charges approximately the same amount from different people.